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Tingua Owns 2 hostels in Córdoba centro. They are located in strategically important points of the city; near business areas, shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, bars and restaurants. Our guests will be able to enjoy their independence, and at the same time, get to know friends from all over the world.  The hostel is fully equipped, hot shower, TV and Wi-Fi access available. We do not offer meals, but  there is  a full equipped kitchen to cook or you may prefer low cost restaurants and bars nearby  to buy food. Supermarkets are open from 8 to 10 pm..



The main advantage of staying with a family are the possibility of getting to know Argentinean customs and way of life better, and mostly having the opportunity of practicing the language 24hrs a day. Our students will acquire personal life experience in addition to their learning experiences that will make them feel at home and establish bonds that will last in time. Students will have a private room and shared bathroom. 


How we select the Tingua Families:

Once a family applies for hosting a volunteer, we ask for their references, and we visit the house to make sure they have a clean, comfortable & warm home. We interview the members of the family to make sure they have a genuine interest in participating in a cross cultural exchange experience, and  that they are willing to involve the volunteer in family activities & treat him/her the same as any other member of the family.


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