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TINGUA gives you the opportunity to work alongside healthcare professionals; you will be able to enhance your global perspective on medicine by exchanging knowledge in a cross-cultural context.

The interaction with the local health professionals create new emerging bonds of trust between doctors and volunteers; thus, the hectic activity developed in a busy hospital encourages an enriching exchange between both the local staff and proactive foreign volunteers.

One of the problems the public sector faces in Argentina is understaffing. Volunteers who prove themselves to be committed and proactive will be able to lend a hand and become an extra workforce alongside permanent staff and interns within hospitals, thus allowing all staff the time required to offer the right level of dedicated care to patients and support the provision of basic medical care, hygiene campaigns and healthcare education

The scope of volunteer work depends on each volunteer’s particular experience and qualification levels. If you are an aspiring medical professional, we also offer medical volunteer opportunities abroad for pre med, pre health and pre nursing students. Even without much experience, many volunteers may be able to help clean the beds, wash and feed the patients, measure their vital functions; and in some cases volunteers get to attend minor surgeries as well. We work with very prestigious clinics and hospitals in Córdoba.

The project is available all year long
Age +18 years old  
Spanish Level: Intermediate
Be able to help for at least 6 weeks.
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