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These courses are designed for those students who wish to take part in a fast learning of the language, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice it at the same time. The academic syllabus covers all the aspects of the language learning process (writing, reading, speaking and understanding) with special emphasis on the development of communicational skills on the part of the student. The objective is that the language acquisition can be further enhanced by its continuous use in real life situations and contexts. This course includes 4 daily hours of group Spanish lessons (20 hours per week). This course begins every Monday.




Classes The main advantage of these courses is that they are completely tailored made and programmed according to your time availability. The customized attention of the teacher will allow you to include not only the general aspects of the language but those subjects that interest you the most at an individual level. You will also enjoy the cultural and social activities that Tingua organizes and, in this way, come in contact with the uses and customs of Argentineans. These courses are available for all the levels; they can begin any day of the week and will have the duration that you wish. 

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