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PAYMENT The total program fee must be made at least 30 days in advance before the start of the program. In the case of experiential programs, if detailed placement is due to be confirmed before the 30 days prior to the start of the program, full payment should be made before you receive confirmation.

Bank Deposit / Wire Transfer: Deposit made to our account. Details available upon request. Add $25 bank charge to the total program cost to cover wire transfer expenses. Remember to indicate the name of the beneficiary, personal information, and the purpose of the payment. A copy of the receipt´s bank deposit must be sent to confirm the booking

Credit Cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS AND AMERICAN EXPRESS only through PAYPAL. A 5% extra charge will be added due to PayPal fees. Ask for details. 


These policies apply to every program. Exceptions to these rules are explained below in PARTICULAR POLICIES, according to the different program´s options. These policies may vary from our partners. In this case, we will apply partner´s policies. Full payment of the program is due 30 days prior the start of the course. Otherwise, we shall cancel the booking and keep the initial deposit fee.

Cancellation fees for all programs are as follows: Cancellations are valid only when they are made by email to the following address: . In each case, cancelation fees and administrative charges are applicable. Cancellations will be dated the first business day they are received in our offices and will be effective only after TINGUA emails a cancellation confirmation to the student TINGUA will not review its cancelation policies in any situation, such as accidents, sickness, personal emergencies, and so on. The same policy applies for programs cancelled and/or changed due to acts of terrorism, war, natural disasters, etc. TINGUA cannot be held responsible for such cancellations/changes. TINGUA reserves the right to substitute comparable programs or refund tuition in its sole discretion. Cancellation fees for course only programs are as follows: Up to 3 weeks before the course starts: Registration fee and all amounts paid are fully refundable. Between 2 weeks before the course starts: no refund of the advanced deposit fee is given. Less than 2 weeks: Registration fee is not refunded. A 30% penalty applies to the total cost of the program. After the program has started: no refunds shall be given for any course, accommodation or any other services booked.

All refunds have an administrative charge of 10% on the amount refunded. Cancellation fees for internship and other experiential programs are as follows: There are no refunds once a placement has been confirmed. Cancellations before placement is confirmed will receive a refund of all fees except the non-refundable application fee, the visa fees, bank fees and 25% cancellation charge.  There will be no refunds after a program has begun. Programs can get cancelled and/or changed once on site, TINGUA is not responsible for these changes. In the event of visa refusal, TINGUA will refund all fees except the non-refundable application fee, the visa fees, bank fess and 25% cancellation charge.


LATE ARRIVALS, ABSENCES & EARLY RETURNS No refunds are given for late students or for loss of classes during the course due to any kind of absences on the part of the student, whether justifiable or unjustifiable. No refunds are given either for justifiable or unjustifiable early returns. 

  1. INTERNSHIPS AND VOLUNTEER PARTICULAR POLICIES If TINGUA is not able to find a placement for you within given time limits; your full deposit will be refunded. The deposit will not be refunded if you decline a placement that meets your requests as outlined in your application. Refusal by the participant to attend interviews will not constitute reasonable or in alternate placements. No refund will be issued to participants making alternate arrangements or alternate placements.



Lesson Hours & Schedules: Lessons may vary, but on average, lessons range between 50' to 55'. Lessons are scheduled either in the mornings or in the afternoons. TINGUA cannot guarantee any special scheduling request. Reduction of Hours: It is possible that the results of the placement test may lead to cases in which there are only one or two students at a particular level. In these cases the hours of the course may be reduced, and the same amount of lessons will be covered with private instruction.


3. ACCOMMODATION PARTICULAR POLICIES: Participants must abide by the rules of behaviour given by TINGUA and/or given by our partners. If case of bookings made 2 weeks before the program starts, TINGUA will not guarantee availability of the accommodation requested since TINGUA assign priority to bookings made in advance. Moreover, TINGUA may change the price in order to provide an accurate accommodation for the participant. Even if TINGUA transfer service is not required, the participant must always inform about arrival details at least 72hs before the arrival, so there will be people waiting for them at the accommodation. If the requested information is not provided, TINGUA cannot guarantee that someone will be waiting at the accommodation. The check-in could be possible from 10 to 12 in the mornings or from 18 to 20 in the afternoon.

If participants do not arrive according to the schedule, TINGUA does not guarantee that someone will be waiting for them. If participants are not pleased with the assigned accommodation, they may request to change it. The claim must be addressed to the school director personally or by mail. After evaluating the causes of the requirement and valid reasons for such a request, TINGUA will make every effort to look for another accommodation option. It is possible to ask for a maximum of three changes, each of them will be processed within a minimum of 72 hrs. after the official reception of the request. TINGUA will not refund any amount of money in case the participant leaves the accommodation. TINGUA will not pay any changes in accommodation made by the participant´s behalf. If a problem with accommodation arises, the participant should call TINGUA 24hs emergency phone number. The host can inform TINGUA about any irregular situation with the participants, even ask for a change of accommodation if there are reasons valid enough to do that.


PUBLIC HOLIDAYS No lessons or classes will take place on public holidays, and there will be no extra classes to compensate for them. TINGUA strongly recommends students to check holidays and school closing dates in each before confirming their registration. Consult our policies in case of two holidays in the same week. 


TRANSFER SERVICE & ARRIVAL Students must always inform TINGUA about the date and time of arrival, even in cases where the transfer service has not been requested. Airport pick-ups only transfer students from the designated airport to the designated accommodation.

* Flight details (date, time, airport, airline, and flight number) must be confirmed in writing before arrival; otherwise TINGUA shall not guarantee the transfer service and no refunds shall be given for this service.

* All costs incurred due to failure to notify TINGUA of arrival information in due time are the responsibility of the participant.

* In case of flights delays, changes, and so on, TINGUA will provide the transfer service but will reserve the right to charge additional costs, if necessary.

* If any changes regarding flight details are not duly informed, TINGUA shall not take responsibility for the proper provision of the transfer service.

 INSURANCE: TINGUA can provide medical insurance at an additional cost to all those participants who require it. Otherwise, TINGUA reserves the right to refuse to accept bookings from participants who are not properly insured. All students must take out medical insurance before starting the program. 

RULES OF BEHAVIOR: TINGUA programs are designed for all ages. For adults from 17 years old above, TINGUA is not responsible for providing any kind of supervision. Students are expected to observe certain rules of behaviour such as respect for fellow students, staff at our schools, companies or organizations, TINGUA staff, program providers, tour operators, and host families.

TINGUA shall not tolerate under any circumstance the illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse, offensive and disrespectful behaviour, and disrespect for the local laws, and reserves the right to withhold courses and accommodation from any participant who fails to comply with these regulations or for any other reason deemed necessary in the sole discretion of TINGUA, and to further send home, without escort and refund, any non-compliant participant. In such a case, the return trip will be at the expense of the participant or the participant´s family. 


DOCUMENTATION: It is the student's responsibility to get all necessary documentation (passports, visas, permits, etc.) to enter the country. When available, TINGUA will provide information to the students but they must check with the corresponding embassies, consulates, and airlines for any specific country entry requirements. TINGUA strongly recommends students to give enough time to apply for necessary visas


ACCURACY OF INFORMATION: TINGUA has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided in its website and documents is factual and accurate. TINGUA cannot therefore be held responsible for errors or omissions happening outside its reasonable control. TINGUA strongly advices students to consult any specific information considered important prior to booking our programs.


LIABILITY: while taking part in TINGUA programs, students acknowledge that they may be exposed to certain risks. These risks include, but are not limited to accidents and/or sickness without readily available medical facilities, forces of nature, war, terrorism, travel in the air, and travel on the ground. By signing this form students are accepting all these risks and agreeing to waive any liability against TINGUA, its officers, directors, and employees for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to means of transportation and/or lodging. Students understand that they are traveling under their own responsibility and release TINGUA from any liability related to health and safety.

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