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Right in the southern end of the American continent, there stands Argentina. A country featuring forest landscapes, vast mountains, gelid glaciers, the Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), and the End of the World, all mixed with profound passions such as tango, soccer &politics.
The “heart of the country” is the province of Córdoba, located in the very geographic center of  Argentina, from where you can get to the various tourist destinations within a matter of hours. 

Its capital, Buenos Aires, is considered to be the most European-like city in Latin America. A must-visit within the provinces are Mendoza’s Malbec vineyards, Jujuy’s Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Ravine), Córdoba’s Jesuit constructions, San Juan’s Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), the Cataratas de Iguazú (Iguazú Falls), and a long etcetera of sites awaiting for you to enjoy.

Argentina is known for being an immigrant nation, that is, a society that has been influenced by a strong migration phenomenon throughout its history, just as Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United Stated. This is why it is considered to be a melting pot of races. The official language is Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world.

Córdoba is the second largest city in the country. Its Jesuit heritage and its strong Spanish vividness result in a fascinating blend of past and modernity. Córdoba is also a university city, home to several colleges and universities  which endow it with a youthful and forward-looking environment on many different aspects. This is the reason why people from Córdoba are kind, friendly, and open-minded, and easily integrate their visitors and students, a really valuable distinctive feature.

It has a very active cultural life, with its 4 municipal art galleries —right in the center of the city— showcasing from contemporary through classic artwork. Talking about soccer, the city features an olympic stadium, as well as four local teams that turn the city into a party or a tragedy whenever they play. 

The Sierras de Córdoba (Córdoba Mountain Range), located just minutes away from the city, are filled with picturesque and delightful towns and villages offering endless activities that can be enjoyed all-year round: excursions; hiking trips; hill climbing; paragliding; cultural, gastronomic, and music festivals, etc.

Classified as a developing country, throughout the last couple of decades Argentina has gone through a series of cyclic economic crises that have devastated its broad middle class, pushing a high percentage of the population to the verge of poverty and taking a heavy toll on social rights. In this context, each volunteer from Volunteers Argentina has the opportunity to make their small —yet huge— contribution to the local community and, thus, have an impact on Argentina’s sustainable development.

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