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Would you like to be part of a project which helps improve the lives of local citizens in need?


 Since local government doesn´t provide good quality of public services in argentina, there are severe deficiencies.

 In order to meet these needs TINGUA works with organizations from the civil society which develop a variety of activities. In our programs volunteers get involved in social integration projects with the aim of promoting more opportunities and local development in disadvantaged communities by generating opportunities in the social and cultural fields, which indirectly reflects in a better mobility in employment.

Some of the tasks which volunteers can almost always develop are the recreational activities which include the teaching of English, the development of creative programs in art, music or dance, the collaboration with administrative tasks, and the work alongside local people in the building of new facilities and housing for the most disadvantaged sectors of the community; also, refurbishing existing community buildings, and improving local infrastructure.

The tasks involve a varied number of different activities and require motivation and initiative to get projects off the ground. They also involve the interaction with different work teams and people. Volunteering at a community development project offers a space in which to gain new skills, connect with people, experience a different culture. It offers as well the possibility of leaving something of your own to the community for ever; it enables volunteers to explore their passions, desires and talents amidst new, strange contexts and situations. Thus, the volunteer work will make you take back home something for ever too.


There are a wide range of skills you can acquire through volunteering including:

-Teamwork in a complete different background

- Leadership within a complete different context

-Problem solving and adaptability to new situations

-Planning and prioritizing within new contexts and parameters

-Sales skills

-Time management

Community development projects are available throughout the whole year, with flexible start dates and program duration. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for minimum 3 weeks to 12 months. Intermediate Spanish level is required, you can study at home or book some Spanish lessons with us to study while you are developing your work.

Our programs are available from March to November.
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Intermediate
Minimum length: 3 weeks

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