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Founded in 2002 by a psychologist specialized in animal therapy, this foundation promotes physical, social, emotional, and cognitive benefits in various settings on an individual or group basis.

The areas of intervention are speech therapy, psychomotricity, kinesiology & psychopedagogy. The group of professionals work in an interdisciplinary way, providing therapies to people with disabilities. The intervention is facilitated by the human-animal bond. The dog (selected and educated for this task) is a bridge or link between the patient and the therapist.

Our volunteers collaborate with specialized staff in dog treatment. They also take part in activities involving maintenance of the facilities and a variety of other supportive tasks needed in the centre.

  • Helping with everyday care of the dogs.

  • Helping the veterinary with the dog’s medical review.

  • Cleaning: Grounds keeping

  • Doing General Repairs/Handyman.

  • Organizing Family events: Throughout the year we do many different family events

  • Assisting therapists (This task will depend on the volunteer performance and skills)

The project is available from March to December.

Age: + 18

Spanish Level: Basic

Minimum length: 4 weeks
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