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Argentina faces long-standing human rights problems that include endemic violence against women. Despite a 2009 law setting forth comprehensive measures to prevent and punish violence against women, the unpunished killing of women remains a serious concern. 

The importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly women’s economic empowerment, is at the core of TINGUA mandate by enhancing the role of women as drivers of poverty reduction, promoting female investors and entrepreneurs. 

In our Gender Equality program, volunteers work supporting women’s actions in a wide range of sectors in order to defend women’s rights in health, the law and governance. The main objective  focus on supporting   women’s initiatives and projects which aim to advance gender equality as a tool for social change.  The scopes of actions that volunteers can take part are:

. Give technical, legal and psychological counseling to the women that require it in order to build their capacities, and support them in achieving their projects, according to their own vision and work strategies.

. Through communication strategies, manage their social media network to promote their projects and share their work experience.

. Mobilize resources from international and local donors to fund local initiatives and women’s grassroots organizations in Argentina

. To promote and strengthen women’s leadership within their local initiatives,to organize meetings to exchange experiences with other women and getting them in contact with other sources of technical and financial resources.

To educate and invest in women and girls has a multiplier effect on productivity, efficiency and economic growth. But economically strengthening women is not only a means by which to spur and sustain inclusive development. It is also a matter of advancing women's human rights.

The project is available from March to November.
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Minimum length: 4 weeks
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