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Whether you are an enthusiast with many years of horse experience or come with no experience and would like to learn more, you can help us run a high quality and safe therapeutic riding program. 

Our volunteers collaborate with specialized staff integrating the various teams. They take part in activities involving horse grooming, maintenance of the facilities, riding lessons and a variety of other supportive tasks needed in the hippotherapy center.

By moving the rider's body in a manner similar to a human gait, therapeutic riding helps individuals with a wide range of disabilities gain strength, balance and confidence. Riding and interacting with horses is also fun, motivating and empowering; these activities promote social, communicative and cognitive developments in horse riders.

Our organization also counts on the blessing help of many wonderful people who very willingly devote time and talent to help. The center would NOT exist without the loving support and kindness of our volunteers.  Experiences are twofold at the center: they provide reward, personal growth and fulfillment not only to patients, but also to volunteers themselves.

 To apply for this project you have to be over 18, have an understanding level of Spanish and be able to help for at least 4 weeks. The project is available from March to December.

The project is available from March to December.
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Intermediate
Minimum length: 4 weeks
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