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In Córdoba, it is common practice to use horses to collect recyclable garbage, such as cardboard and plastics, from the streets. These materials are then sold to recycling companies. Unfortunately, this job is often undertaken by individuals who lack the financial means or education to properly feed and care for the horses. As a result, many of these horses are malnourished and in poor health.

In 2013, the Sanctuary was established in the hills of Córdoba, Central Argentina, on a 312-hectare property featuring green meadows, forests, mountain pastures, and a river. It serves as a haven of peace, beauty, and freedom for animals. The project aims to provide a refuge for horses, offering them much-needed medical care and ensuring their well-being. The sanctuary grants these horses a new lease on life, providing them with peace and dignity.

Currently, 160 horses, 4 ponies, 7 donkeys, 3 pygmy donkeys, 2 mules, 14 cows, 1 buffalo, 23 goats, 11 sheep, 25 pigs, 3 wild boars, 4 llamas, 25 dogs, and 10 roosters live at the Sanctuary. After a miserable existence filled with drudgery, suffering, and mistreatment, they have begun a new life here. Our team loves and cares for these liberated animals.

Volunteers at a sanctuary play a vital role in supporting the well-being and daily operations of the facility. No previous experience is necessary to collaborate, as volunteers are provided with training and guidance to ensure the safety and well-being of both the animals and themselves.

Some common tasks that volunteers may engage in at a sanctuary include:

- Animal Care: Volunteers assist in the care and maintenance of the animals. This can involve feeding, grooming, and providing clean water. They may also help with exercise and enrichment activities.
- Cleaning and Maintenance: Volunteers help keep the sanctuary clean and well-maintained by cleaning animal enclosures, sweeping or mopping floors, and tidying up common areas.
- Rehabilitation and Medical Care: Depending on the needs of the sanctuary, volunteers may aid in the rehabilitation of rescued animals. This can involve assisting with physical therapy, administering medications, or providing specialized care under the guidance of veterinary staff.
- Environmental Enrichment: Volunteers contribute to creating a stimulating and enriching environment for the animals. This may include creating and setting up toys, puzzles, or other enrichment activities to keep the animals mentally stimulated and engaged.

If you love animals, nature, and enjoy working as part of a team, don’t hesitate to apply for this amazing project.

The project is available all year
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Basic
Minimum length: 2 weeks
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