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Animals are the greatest gift ever given to mankind for several reasons. They do not judge or discriminate. They provide companionship and support. They do not harm anyone unless they have been exposed to aggressive behaviour or mistreated. All they ask in return is that you don't give up on them.


The Director of the shelter is a lawyer specialized in the protection of animals. She is a professor of animal rights at the University of Cordoba. Volunteers who participate in this project will have the opportunity to learn a lot from her.

Since 2011 the Horse Shelter serves as a sanctuary for Córdoba´s abandoned, abused and neglected horses. In Córdoba is very common that horses are used to collect recyclable garbage from the streets such us cardboard and plastics to sell it to recycling companies. This job is usually performed by people who doesn´t have enough money/education to feed and give good care to the horses. Many of them are found malnourished and very sick.  On this shelter rescued horses will be rehabilitated and adopted out whenever possible to environments that support their well-being and future long-term care.

We maintain a healthy feeding regimen and provide veterinary and farrier care. We aim to exercise our horses when appropriate. We utilize our training program to get them ready for adoption to carefully screened new owners.. Volunteers work with staff to build a team that helps care for our horses, The work starts checking all horses, nurturing, give the medication if needed, help the veterinarian during treatments, grooming, doing maintenance of the ranch, etc.

The project is available all year
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Basic
Minimum length: 2 weeks
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