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We are non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our environment. The main objective is to create a connection between man and nature; through this connection people develop compassion and a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature.

The puma is our emblem. We strive to create awareness of the puma’s condition in Córdoba as well as the rest of the country. Through education and investigation, we have created different programs to improve the status quo of the flora and fauna that enrich the puma’s habitat. The puma being not only an umbrella species is a keystone species, the biodiversity and abundance of other species is directly linked to its presence. 

We receive animals that where were trapped, while others were part of the exotic pet traffic. Some of them are injured and  have to live at the reserve for ever but some others can live free in their natural environment.

We also have other rescued animals such as the indigenous Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus), ferrets (Galictis cuja), monkeys (Alouatta Carayá), Llamas, Mayocastor coypus, peacoks, rabbits, hens, owls, ducks, parrots, etc.

Volunteers have come from all over the world with open hearts ready to lend a hand. In return, we offer training in areas such as construction with alternative materials, nutrition and wild animal handling, tourism, conservation, etc. We invite the volunteer to share an unforgettable experience in Puma´s Natural Reserve.

The project is available from March to December.
Age: + 18
Spanish Level: Basic
Minimum length: 1 week
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