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A United Nations  Sports for Development and Peace initiative found research indicating that sports programs promote social inclusion, have a positive impact on crime prevention, in-still leadership skills, and promote awareness of disease prevention. 

TINGUA Recreational sports program  have the potential to positively enhance self-esteem for adolescents in argentina, an essential need for vulnerable youth who face daily challenges in the society in which they live. By promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, participating students learn about the concepts of good sportsmanship and self-esteem - critical tools and skills for preventing their involvement in the crime and violence prevalent in their communities. It keeps them busy participating in fun, positive activity and helps to keep their bodies healthy through physical activity.

The Sports Education project helps disadvantaged children and adolescents who cannot afford to do sports and recreational activities before or after school. The main objective of this project is to provide the children with fun and healthy activities, through friendly competition in a safe and fun environment.

Volunteers in this project have the opportunity to work with children in popular sports, mainly football (soccer),basket, handball, artistic gym, athletic, rugby, hockey, etc. During summer activities may involve spending recreational time with children at swimming pools, and adding value to other outdoor leisure activities like games and camping.

The project is available throughout the whole year
Age: + 18
Spanish Level:  Basic/Intermediate
Minimum length: 4 weeks
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